Welcome to the South Asian Physics Foundation. Our objective is to advance regional collaboration in South Asia in order to promote physics for peaceful and productive purposes.

Statement of Values

The South Asian Physics Foundation affirms the inherent worth, dignity and equality of all people. We categorically reject bigotry, hatred, nastiness and incivility. We will build bridges and bolster cooperation, to bring peace and progress to our world.

STUDENTS: Apply now for conference funding

We are currently accepting applications for the Professor Faheem Hussain Student Conference Program, which provides funding for South Asian physics students to attend international scientific conferences in South Asia. This program honors the late Pakistani physicist Faheem Hussain, whose distinguished career included many important contributions to furthering scientific research and education in developing countries. Please use the links at the left for more information and an application.

Welcome new committee member Dr. Vladimir Machkaoutsan

We are honored to have Dr. Machkaoutsan, Principal Engineer at Micron Technology in Leuven, Belguim, join the Professor Faheem Hussain Student Conference Program evaluation committee in 2016.

NEW! Light the Way to Collaboration program

In celebration of the International Year of Light 2015, we began a new program to support international collaboration in physics in South Asia. This is an open-ended program that provides a small amount of funding for collaborative projects that advance physics in some way -- whether through research, education, outreach or anything else.

Two or more collaborators in different South Asian countries must work together on the project. Anyone who meets this criterion can apply. You do not need to have any formal training or affiliation in physics. If you have an idea for a project, please send a detailed description of it to admin@southasianphysicsfoundation.org.

Student Travel Grants Awarded in 2015

SAPF supported two PhD students from the University of Kalyani, Mr. Swarup Biswas and Mr. Momin Khan, to present their research at the International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Sri Lanka in September.

We are currently accepting applications for conferences in 2016. Please use the links at left for more information and an application.