International Astronomy Activities

April is Global Astronomy Month

Global Astronomy Month is an annual event that continues the excitement of the unprecedented International Year of Astronomy 2009. IYA2009 was a global celebration of astronomy and its contributions to human endeavor. Amateur and professional astronomers, clubs, science centers and others held events by the thousands around the world, attracting the largest public audience ever. The IYA2009 website has links to IYA national nodes, which have more extensive information about events in different regions, such as the border meeting of Bangladeshi and Indian astronomers in commemoration of the total solar eclipse of July 21, 2009. Global Astronomy Month features many more educational and popular activities designed to inspire worldwide appreciation of astronomy.

For more information about ongoing astronomy projects and activites in South Asia and around the world, see some of the other great global astronomy sites below. For a listing of professional astronomy organizations in South Asia, click here.

    Astronomers Without Borders
    Astro Book Drive
    Developing Astronomy Globally
    International Astronomical Union