The Professor Faheem Hussain Student Conference Program

Application Form

Thank you for applying to this program. Before sending in your application, please check the Eligibility Requirements to make sure you are eligible. To ensure adequate time for processing and travel arrangements, please submit your application as soon as your conference paper has been accepted, and no later than two months before the start of the conference you wish to attend.

To apply, please send us an email with your answers to the following questions, along with copies of your submitted conference paper and acceptance letter. Plain text submissions are preferred. Please fill in all the requested information. You can use as much space as needed to answer the questions. The required attachments (your conference submission and acceptance letter) should be exactly as submitted or received from the conference. If either is a paper document, please send a scanned copy (any format). Finally, please ask your research advisor to write a brief recommendation for your attendance at the conference and to send it to us directly. All materials should be sent to:

Application questions:

  1. Name:
  2. Citizenship:
  3. University:
  4. Department:
  5. Address:
  6. Phone number:
  7. E-mail:
  8. Are you an undergraduate or graduate student?
  9. Anticipated future graduation date (month, year):
  10. Conference you wish to attend:
  11. Location:
  12. Dates:
  13. Conference website:
  14. Title of your conference paper:
  15. Names and contact information of two professional references, such as professors in your department:
  16. Who will be writing your recommendation letter?
  17. Have you attended any other scientific conferences? If so, which ones?
  18. List any other publications you have authored or co-authored.
  19. What are your current career plans and how does attending this conference fit into them?
  20. Do you have any other sources of funding for attending this conference, such as partial support from your institution?
  21. Please feel free to add any additional information that is relevant to your application. Thank you.

Supporting materials:

  1. Copy of the paper or poster you have submitted to the conference
  2. Copy of your acceptance letter from the conference organizers
  3. Brief recommendation sent separately by your advisor